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The Thoresby Society

The Historical Society for Leeds and District
Founded 1889


Publications in Print

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The latest publication


Date of Publication Volume no. Title Author/Editor Price
1899 X Leeds Parish Church Registers, 1684 – 1695 Part 3 Burials Index (reprint)   £4.50
1930 XXVII Wills of Leeds and District, 1553 – 1561 (Part 2 only)   £4.50
1945 XXXVII Miscellany 11 (parts 1 and 2 only)   £4.50
  Part 1 Christopher Danby of Masham and Farnley [1582-1624]  C. Whone  
    Letters of the Rev. George Plaxton, M.A., rector of Barwick-in-Elmet [ob. 1720].  E. M. Walker  
    Allotments and awards under the Garforth Enclosure Act [1810].    
    The Leeds Steam Carriage Company. [Resolutions, letters, etc., 1830].    
  Part 2 The beginnings of the Leeds Library. F. Beckwith £4.50
    Sorocold’s waterworks at Leeds, 1694. F. Williamson & W. B. Crump  
    The founders of the Thoresby Society. E Kitson Clark  
    George Denison Lumb, F.S.A. [ob. 1939] Obituary    
    The rentals of the manor of Otley. G.E. Kirk  
1955 XL Introductory Account and Index (Part 3) to Volume of Extracts from the Leeds Intelligencer and Leeds Mercury 1777-82 ( Volume of Extracts out of print) F. Beckwith £4.50
1949 M.I Monograph:  Thomas Taylor: Regency architect, Leeds F. Beckwith £4.50
1951 M.II Monograph: A survey of the plate in Leeds Parish Church and its ancient chapelries. J. Sprittles £4.50
1954 XLI Miscellany 12 (part 4 only)   £4.50
  Part 4 Some notes on the Hall family of Stumperlow and Leeds. S. Brooke  
    The Rockinghams and Yorkshire politics, 1742-1761. C. Collyer  
    Two notes on the history of the Aire and Calder Navigation. G Ramsden  
    William Wilson, Mayor of Leeds, 1762-3    
1954 M.III Monograph: Social reform in Victorian Leeds: the work of James Hole. J. F. C. Harrison £4.50
1952 XLII The Kirkstall Abbey Chronicles. J. Taylor £4.50
1955 XLIII Kirkstall Abbey Excavations, 1950 – 1954.   £4.50
1957 XLV Documents relating to the Manor and Borough of Leeds, 1066 – 1400. J. Le Patourel £4.50
  XLVI Miscellany 13    
1960 Part 1 Medieval Leeds: Kirkstall Abbey – The Parish Church – The Medieval Borough. J. Le Patourel £4.50
    New Grange, Kirkstall. J. Sprittles  
    Checklist of the correspondence of Ralph Thoresby H. W. Jones  
    Two hundred years of Leeds banking. H Pemberton  
1961 Part 2 Leeds and the factory reform movement. J. T. Ward £4.50
    Leeds leather industry in the nineteenth century. W. G. Rimmer  
    Leeds musical festivals. J. Sprittles  
1963 Part 3 The building of Leeds Town Hall. Asa Briggs £4.50
    Alfred Place Terminating Building Society. W. G. Rimmer  
    Joseph Barker and The People. M. Brook  
    Note on ‘William Hodgson’s Book’ – a manuscript in the Society’s library.    
1961 XLVIII Kirkstall Abbey excavations, 1955 – 1961.   £4.50
1965 XLIX Pontefract Priority excavations, 1957 – 1961. C. V. Bellamy £4.50
1968 L Miscellany 14 (Parts 1 and 3 only)    
  Part 1 Leeds Quaker Meeting. W. Allott £4.50
  (Part 1) A note on Leeds wills, 1539 – 1561. A Lonsdale  
    Stourton Lodge: 1776 to April 1965. A Lonsdale  
  Part 3 The postal history of Leeds. H. C. Versey £4.50
    Further notes upon Leeds church patronage in the eighteenth century. R. J. Wood  
    Index to The Publications of the Thoresby Society. Vols XXXVII - LI J. M. D. Forster  
1967 LI Kirkstall Abbey excavations, 1960 – 1964, with appraisal of results since 1950.   £4.50
1973 LIII Miscellany 15    
  Part 1 The Leeds Churchwardens, 1828 – 1850. D. Fraser £4.50
    Poor law politics in Leeds, 1833 – 1855. D. Fraser  
    The politics of Leeds water. D. Fraser  
    Improvement in early Victorian Leeds. D. Fraser  
    Thwaite Mill, Hunslet, and Thomas Cheek Hewes. S. B. Smith  
    Ebor House: a note. A Lonsdale  
  Part 2 Extracts from the journals of John Deakin Heaton B. and D. Payne. £4.50
    Kirkstall Forge and monkish iron-making. R. A. Mott  
    The Venerable Edmund Sykes of Leeds. Revd G. Bradley & A. Lonsdale  
    Wintoun Street Baptist Church, 1870 – 1895. R. J. Owen  
  Part 3 The rise of James Kitson: Trades Union and Mechanics Institution, Leeds, 1826 – 1851. R. J. Morris £4.50
    The last monks of Kirkstall Abbey. A. Lonsdale  
    John Smeaton. C. A. Lupton  
    Arthington Nunnery. C. A. Lupton  
1974 LIV Miscellany 16    
  Part 1 The Irish in Leeds, 1851 – 1861. T. Dillon £4.50
    Spas, wells and springs of Leeds. K. J. Bonser  
    Christopher Wilkinson of Leeds and Maryland. R. J. Wood  
    The autobiography of Robert Spurr. R. J. Owen  
1975 Part 2 The theatre in Hunslet Lane, Part I. J. Copley £4.50
    The Leeds gas strike, 1890. H. Hendrick  
    The Leeds Eye Dispensary. G. Black  
    City Square and Colonel Harding. G. Black  
1976 Part 3 Profit, property interests, and public spirit: the provision of markets in Leeds, 1822 – 29. K Grady £4.50
    The theatre in Hunslet Lane, Part II J. Copley  
  (Part 3) The early years of the Yorkshire College. P. H. J. H. Gosden  
    The Baptist breach at Bramley. R. J. Owen  
    Stank Hall barn, Leeds. H. E. J. Le Patourel  
    Bibliography: Canon R. J. Wood. J. Wood  
1979 Part 4 The early years of Leeds Corporation. G. C. F. Forster £4.50
    The Corporation of Leeds in the eighteenth century. R. G. Wilson  
    The Leeds Corporation, c. 1820 – c. 1850. D. Fraser  
    Holy Trinity Church in the history of Leeds 1727 – 1977. G. C. F. Forster  
    The architect of Holy Trinity church, Leeds. W. J. Connor  
    The Leeds Savage Club and its origins. G. Black  
    The ‘Wild Indian Savages’ in Leeds. C. G. Galloway  
    A Victorian city mission: the Unitarian contribution to social progress in Holbeck and New Wortley, 1844 – 78. E. A. Elton  
    A Yorkshire music critic (Herbert Thompson) in Germany and Austria in 1889. P. S. Morrish  
1979 LVI Miscellany 17    
  Part 1 ‘Fair befall the Flax Field’: aspects of the history of the Boyle family and their flax business. M. B. Boyle £4.50
    The Yorkshire Ladies’ Council of Education: 1871 – 91. I. Jenkins  
    Obituaries: Charles Athelstane Lupton (1897-1977) Kenneth John Bonser (1892-1976)    
  Part 2 The Leeds Workhouse under the old Poor Law. P. Anderson £4.50
    The origins of gas in Leeds: the Leeds Gas Light Company, 1817 – 35. A. Lockwood  
1981 Part 3 The Leeds Rational Recreation Society, 1852 – 9: ‘Music for the People’ in a mid-Victorian city. D. Russell £4.50
    William Vavasour: the Squire of Weston, 1798 – 1833. M. Creaser  
    The Dewsbury riots and the Revd Benjamin Ingham. B. Scott  
    Annotated list of the writings of Frank Beckwith G. Woledge  
1983 LVII The manor and borough of Leeds 1425 – 1662: an edition of documents. (special price) J. W. Kirby £2.50
1984 LVIII Kirkstall Abbey, 1147 – 1535: an historical study. G. D. Barnes £4.50
1985-86 LIX Miscellany 18 (Part 1)    
  Part 1 Yorkshire Towns in the late fourteenth century R. B. Hobson  
    The Rulers of Leeds: gentry, clothiers and merchants, c. 1425-1626. J. W. Kirby  
    Speculative housing development in the suburb of Headingley, Leeds, 1838-1914. F. Trowell  
  (Part 1) The ‘1523’ Whitkirk Rental: a note. G. Woledge  
    Obituaries: Jantje Elisabeth Uytenhoudt Exwood (1936-1983).    
    Douglas Keighley (1928-1981).    
    Frank Lucas Warburton (1907-1980).    
1986 LIX Miscellany 18 (part 2)   £4.50
  Part 2 The evolution of St James’, 1846 – 94: Leeds Moral and Industrial Training School, Leeds Union Workhouse and Leeds Union Infirmary. (illustrated: available also in booklet form, with laminated cover (reprint). £4.50) P. M. Pennock  
    Benjamin Gott of Armley House, Leeds, 1762 – 1840: patron of the arts. (illustrated; available also in booklet form, with laminated cover. £4.50) V. M. E. Lovell  
1988 LX & LXI East End, West End: the Face of Leeds during Urbanisation, 1684 – 1842. (illus.) M. Beresford £17.95
1989 LXII The Georgian Public Buildings of Leeds and the West Riding. (illustrated) K. Grady £9.50
1990 LXIII Miscellany 19   £4.50
    Tithes and tithe-holders in the parish of Leeds from the Dissolution to the Restoration. R. T. Spence  
    Walter Farquhar Hook, Vicar of Leeds: his work for the Church and the Town, 1837 -1848. (illustrated; available also in booklet form, with laminated cover £4.50). H. W. Dalton  
    ‘Shall it be Bradford or Leeds?’: the origins of professional football in the West Riding textile district. A. J. Arnold  
1991 1 Miscellany    
    Joseph Tatham’s School, Leeds. (illustrated) J. E. Mortimer £5.00
    Thoresby’s ‘poor deluded Quakers’: the sufferings of Leeds Friends in the seventeenth century. J. E. Mortimer  
    Joseph Barker and the Radical cause, 1848 – 1851. S. Roberts  
    David Forsyth and the City of Leeds School. E. W. Jenkins  
1992 2 R. D. Chantrell, Architect: his life and work in Leeds, 1818 – 1847. (illustrated) C. Webster £10.00
1993 3 Miscellany    
    The Charity School, the Church and the Corporation: aspects of educational provision for the poor in eighteenth-century Leeds. C. P. Johnston £6.50
    Waggonways and staiths: the impact of the Middleton Colliery on the township of Hunslet, c. 1750 – 1850. B. C. May  
    Becoming a city: Leeds, 1893. A. Elton  
    Sir George Cockburn, 1848 – 1927. A. Elton  
1994 4 Miscellany    
    Thorp Arch Hall, 1749 – 1756: ‘dabling a little in mortar’. (illustrated) B. Harrison £7.00
    Early textile engineers in Leeds, 1780 – 1850. G. Cookson  
    Leeds and dismemberment of the diocese of Ripon. P. S. Morrish  
    Leeds Grammer School, the charity commissioners and the education of girls 1870 – 1901. E. W. Jenkins  
1995 5 Miscellany   £8.00
    Leeds Manor House: the development and changing function of a central site. (illustrated) S. Burt  
    Textile communities in the making: Pudsey and its neighbourhood. R. Strong  
    Edward Oates and the making of the lost American Garden at Meanwoodside, 1834 – 1864. (illustrated) C. Treen  
    Leeds cyclists and cycle makers, 1880 – 1901. (illustrated) E.A.Elton  
1997 6 The Fawkes Family and their estates in Wharfedale, 1819 – 1936. M. Sharples £15.00
1997 7 Leeds Church architecture, 1700 – 1799. T. Friedman. £15.00
1997 8 Miscellany   £6.75
    Domestic servants in Leeds and its neighbourhood in the eighteenth century K. R. Wark  
    William Aldam, Backbench MP for Leeds, 1841 – 1847: national issues verses local interests. D. G. Paz  
    The Adoption of the Public Libraries Act in Leeds, 1861 – 1866. M. Shipway  
    Charles Henry Wilson: the man who was Leeds. W. R. Meyer  
    Obituary: Michael Sykes, ARIBA    
1999 9 The Moravian Settlement at Fulneck. 1742 – 1790. G. Stead. £9.50
2000 10 Miscellany   £8.00
    Leeds Jewry, 1930 – 1939: the challenge of anti-semitism. A. Bergen  
    The Great Exodus: the evacuation of Leeds schoolchildren, 1939 – 1945 R. C. Boud  
    (Each of these articles is also available in booklet form, with laminated cover, price £2.50 and £6.00 respectively).    
    Obituary: Joyce North Pogson (1915-1999)    
2001 11 Miscellany   £8.00
    The Leeds North Eastern Railway Extension, 1863 – 1869. K. R. Wark  
  (11) Episodes in the History of Golden Acre. A. Shelton  
    ‘An Institution of Great Utility’: Leeds Public Dispensary, the early years, 1824 – 1867. A. L. Kent  
    Leeds and Public Patronage of Fine Art, 1809 – 1888. J. Douglas  
2002 12 Anglican Resurgence under W. F. Hook in Early Victorian Leeds. Church Life in a Nonconformist Town, 1836 – 1851. H. W. Dalton £15.00
2003 13 Miscellany   £12.00
    The Journals of Sarah Mayo Parkes, 1815 and 1818. P. Litton  
    William Potts of Leeds, Clockmaker. M. S. Potts  
    Percy Alfred Scholes (1877 – 1958): music critic, educator and encyclopaedist. P. S. Morrish  
    The Leeds Elections of 1834 and 1835: a psephological analysis. J. Morgan  
2004 14 Miscellany   £15.00
    Leeds and the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745. J. Oates  
    What was the Relationship between Elite Culture and Power in the Town of Leeds from 1760 to 1820? S. Cottam  
    Edward Baines, Editor: Great Man, Great Liar? The Press Assessment. D. Thornton  
    Sunday Schools in Leeds: Church Associations for Children and Young People, Leeds 1836 – 1851. H. W. Dalton  
    The Thoresby Society Library and Archives. J. Newiss  
2005 15 More Annals of Leeds 1880 – 1920 W. Benn £22.50
2006 16 The Memoranda Book of John Lucas, 1712 – 1750 J. Oates £22.50
    Index to the publications of the Thoresby Society 1969-2004 J. M. D Forster £2.50
2007 17 The Monuments of the Parish Church of St Peter-at-Leeds M. Pullan £24.50
2008 LXIV(for1989) Leeds in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries M.W.Beresford; G.C.F.Forster; J.W.Kirby £30.00
2008 18 Miscellany   £24.00
    Whose Time and Whose Place: Searching for the History of 20th Century Leeds R.J.Morris  
    Headingley Hall: Lords and Tenants through Seven Centuries J.M.Collinson  
    Papers Written for his Children by Albert Henry Pawson 1850-1935
D.Thornton (ed.)  
    The Enclosure of Common Land in Headingley-cum-Burley 1828-34: Conflicts of Interest E.J.Bradford  
    Robert the Dyer – the First Leeds Businessman? J.M.Collinson  
    The Thoresby Collection
    Obituary: Audrey Warburton    
    Obituary: Jean and Russell Mortimer    

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