Lecture Syllabus 2018-2019

Session 2018-2019

The following lectures have been arranged for members. All meetings are at the Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street, Leeds LS1 6AL and start at 6.30 unless stated otherwise.

Tuesday September 4th  Joint Meeting with Leeds Library.
An illustrated talk by Michele Sowden: The Shepherd Prince: Samuel Sowden and the silent voices of the Castlereagh River. The subject of Michele’s newly launched book about her great great great grandfather, transported to Australia from Leeds at the time of the industrial revolution. Michele is visiting from Australia.

Monday September 17th

The disabled and unemployed in Leeds after the First World War.
An illustrated talk by Lucy Moore from The Leeds Discovery centre.

Monday October 1st The Country is against us: Leeds and the introduction of Dialysis in Britain.
Dr John Turney shows how Leeds led the way in this important field of medicine.

Monday November 5th Parliamentary Elections 1940-2017.
This is part two of David Thornton’s look at how politics and campaigns have changed since 1832.

Monday January 8th Members' Evening

1. Paper Chase or Harriers Clubs in Leeds, a talk by Derek Martin
2. Forced Rhubarb production in Leeds and district. A look the rhubarb triangle by Tony Silson

Refreshments will be provided.

Monday February 4th Between Public and Private, Arthur Ransome’s photographs of the Russian Revolution.
Simon Popple looks at the photographs in the  Brotherton Collection and little known aspects of the author’s life.

Monday March   4th The life of a Leeds Lawyer, Edwin Eddison 1805-1867.
A talk by Sara Woodhall  based on documents found in a trunk. Eddison was a Leeds Quaker and involved with the building of the Town Hall. His son was a partner of John Fowler, engineer; his daughter in law the first woman to be awarded an honorary doctorate from Leeds university.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Graham Latty, will be present.
This will be followed by a lecture by Steven Burt on 'The History of Farnley Hall'.