Leeds MPs

ADAMS, Samuel Vyvyan Trerice (1900–1951) Conservative. Political researcher.

He was elected for Leeds West as a Conservative National Government candidate in 1931 with a 10,347 majority and retained the seat in 1935 though his majority was reduced to 3,234. In 1936 when the Hindenburg zeppelin flew over Leeds he raised the issue in the House of Commons. He opposed Government policy on Abyssinia, strongly supported the League of Nations, opposed the death penalty and condemned the Government for not employing Winston Churchill in its pre-war administration. During the war he served in the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. He was comprehensively defeated in the general of election of 1945 when Labour’s majority in the constituency soared to 14,136. He stood unsuccessfully for Fulham East in 1947 and 1950. Next year he was adopted for the safe Conservative seat of Darwen but was drowned at Gunwalloe Church Cove in Cornwall in 1951. He wrote several books including Churchill: Architect of Victory (1940) under the pseudonym ‘Watchman’ and, under his own name, A Letter to a Young Politician (1946). For further reading see The Times, 15 August 1951; Who Was Who on line edition (Oxford, 2007).