The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-2016


Miscellany 15 1973


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Part 1 The Leeds churchwardens, 1828-1850, by D. Fraser. 1
Poor Law politics in Leeds, 1833-1855, by D. Fraser. 23
The politics of Leeds water, by D. Fraser. 50
Improvement in early Victorian Leeds, by D. Fraser. 71
Thwaite Mill, Hunslet, and Thomas Cheek Hewes, by Stuart B. Smith. 82
Ebor House: a note, by A. Lonsdale. 91
Part 2 Extracts from the journals of John Deakin Heaton ed. by Bryan and Dorothy Payne. 93
Kirkstall Forge and monkish iron-making, by R. A. Mott. 154
The Venerable Edmund Sykes of Leeds, by the Revd G. Bradley and A. Lonsdale. 167
Wintoun Street Baptist Church, 1870-1895, by R. J. Owen. 171
Part 3 The rise of James Kitson: Trades Union and Mechanics' Institution, Leeds, 1826-1851, by R. J. Morris. 179
The last monks of Kirkstall Abbey, by A. Lonsdale. 201
John Smeaton, by C. A. Lupton. 217
Arthington Nunnery, by C. A. Lupton. 224
Index. 230