The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-2016


XV. Miscellanea [v]. 1909.

The Dukedom of Leeds. By G. D. Lumb. 1, 275
Testamenta Leodiensia. [a.d. 1537-59.] By G. D. Lumb. 10
Hooton Pagnell and its market cross. By E. C. Clark. 26
Dr. Timothy Bright: some troubles of an Elizabethan rector. By H. Armstrong Hall. 30
Lay subsidy, wapentake of Skyrack, anno 1598. By William Brigg. 38
Map of Leeds, 1781. By Frank Gott. 46
The family of John Harrison, the Leeds benefactor. By G. D. Lumb. 48
Burials at St Paul's church, Leeds. By G. D. Lumb. [a.d. 1796-1865.] 56
Justice's note-book of Captain John Pickering. 71, 277
Some notes on the personal and family history of Robert Waterton, of Methley and Waterton. By H. Armstrong Hall. 81
A local find of over 7,000 Roman coins. By Aquila Dodgson. 103
Musters in Claro wapentake. 1535. By W. Paley Baildon. 111
The Farnley Wood plot [1663]. By S. J. Chadwick. 122
Notes on cressets. By John H. Whitham. 127
Lay subsidy, wapentake of Aggbrigg and Morley, 1588. By William Brigg. 132
Thorp's map of Leeds and district, 1819-1821. 152
Fourteenth-century court rolls of the manor of Thorner. By W. T. Lancaster. 153
Temple Newsam. By W. Braithwaite. 174
The arms of Leeds. By G. D. Lumb. 183
The Swillingtons of Swillington. By A. Beanlands. 185
Leeds in prehistoric times. By E. Kitson Clark. 212
The early history of Horsforth. By W. T. Lancaster. 222
The family of Denison of Great Woodhouse. and their residences in Leeds. By G. D. Lumb. 251
Petition relating to the Mosses, Chapel-Allerton. By William Brigg. 274


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