The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-2016


XXVIII. Miscellanea [ix]. 1928.

Some buildings of the seventeenth century in the parish of Halifax: a dialect in architecture. By Thomas F. Ford. 1
Extracts from the Leeds Mercury, 1742-1751, Leeds Intelligencer, 1755-1763. By G. D. Lumb. 65
The Washington shield at Selby Abbey. By W. B. Barwell Turner. 181
Notes on the early pedigree of the Copley family. By W. P. Baildon. 195
Anthony Hunton, M.D., an Elizabethan physician, and his connexion with Harrogate [ob. 1624]. By Walter J. Kaye. 212
A change-ringing controversy. By Emily Hargrave. 226
The study of archaeology. By The Lord Bishop of Knaresborough, D.D. 233
Note on clerical strikes. By A. Hamilton Thompson. 236
Fifteenth-century rentals of Barwick and Scholes. By W. T. Lancaster. [a.d. 1425.] 238
The early Leeds Volunteers. By Emily Hargrave. [The Gentlemen Independents, 1757; Armed Association, 1782, 1798; Volunteers, 1794-1808; Gentlemen Volunteer Cavalry, 1797; Local Militia, 1808-14.] 255
Musical Leeds in the eighteenth century. By Emily Hargrave. 320
Christopher Saxton, of Dunningley; his life and work. By Sir Geroge Fordham 357, 491
The genesis of Warburton's "Map of Yorkshire", 1720. By W. B. Crump. 385
An old case for the opinion of counsel relating to the property of the Thoresby and Briggs families. By G. Glover Alexander. 405
The custom of the province of York: a chapter in the history of wills and intestacies. By G. Glover Alexander. 417
MSS. written or possessed by Ralph Thoresby, F.R.S. 431
Notes on an armorial window at Adel church. By W. B. Barwell Turner. 464
The family of Lacy of Cromwellbottom and Leventhorpe. By C. T. Clay. 468

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