The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-2016


XXXVII Miscellany [xi]. 1945


Part 1 Christopher Danby of Masham and Farnley [1582-1624]  C. Whone 1
  Letters of the Rev. George Plaxton, M.A., rector of Barwick-in-Elmet [ob. 1720].  E. M. Walker 30
Allotments and awards under the Garforth Enclosure Act [1810]. 105
The Leeds Steam Carriage Company. [Resolutions, letters, etc., 1830]. 132
Part 2 The beginnings of the Leeds Library. F. Beckwith 145
  Sorocold’s waterworks at Leeds, 1694. F. Williamson & W. B. Crump 166
The founders of the Thoresby Society. E Kitson Clark 189
The site and early plans of Leeds. By E. Kitson Clark. 193
George Denison Lumb, F.S.A. [ob. 1939] Obituary 199
The rentals of the manor of Otley. Transcribed and annotated by G.E. Kirk 202
Part 3 Yorkshire cloth traders in the United States, 1770-1840. By Herbert Heaton. 225
  The medieval borough of Leeds. By G. Woledge. 288
Lieut.-Colonel E. Kitson Clark, T.D., F.S.A. [ob.. 1943]. By A. S. Turberville. 310
Methley Hall and its builders. By W. B. Crump. 313
A. S. Turberville. 332
A visit to Chapel Allerton and Harwood in 1767, by the Rev. Joseph Ismay [ob. 1778]. Transcribed by E. Kitson Clark, annotated by G. E. Kirk and James B. Place. 333
Woodhouse in the manor of Leeds. By James B. Place 345
Alfred Mattinson [ob. 1944], By W. B. Crump. 366


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