Thomas Taylor: Regency architect, Leeds; by F. Beckwith.


and Synopsis of Taylors Buildings

    Date Page
ILLUSTRATIONS, (and LIST of) viii to xxi
Birth c.1778 11
Pupil of Andrews and Wyatt c. 1791-1805 12
Early Work 1805-11 16
Decorations to mansions and Drawings 17
Repairs Leeds Parish Church 1812 17
Leeds Court House 1811-13 18
Schools 1611-17 21
Liversedge Christ Church 1812-16 25
Minor Work: Repairs at Rothwell; Call Lane,Leeds; Union Bank Leeds 1812-13 30
Bradford Christ Church 1813-15 31
Restorations Colne and Rochdale 1815-16 32
Luddenden St. Mary 1816- 35
Southowram St. Anne 1816-19 36
Huddersfield Holy Trinity 1816-19 38
Minor Work: Drawings and projected book 1816 39
Littleborough, Holy Trinity 1818-20 40
Rochdale Gallery and Parsonage Markets 1822-23 42
Pudsey St. Lawrence 1821-24 43
Dewsbury Three Churches:
Dewsbury Moor, St. John 1823-27 45
Hanging Heaton, St. Paul 1823-25 47
Earlsheaton, St. Peter 1825-27 48
Minor Work: Ossett and Gildersome 1821-22 49
Sheffield, St. Philip 1822-28 50
Attercliffe, Christ Church 1822-26 51
Attercliffe, National School 1823-24 54
Leeds, St. Mary (Quarry Hill) 1823-26 54
Huddersfield, Christ Church (Woodhouse) 1823-24 63
Roundhay, St. John 1824-26 65
Death 1826 67
Candidate for Leeds Commercial Buildings 1826 68
Ripon, Holy Trinity 1826-27 70
1. Taylor's Letter (Liversedge) 1813 91
2. Rev. H. Roberson's Prospectus 1811 93
3. Statistics of the churches 95


Plate I. The Court-House, Leeds.                Frontispiece
Drawn by N. Whittock, engraved on steel by W. Sims, London; published by I. T. Hinton, 4 Warwick Square, 1829. Sin, x Sin. (actual drawing, 5 3/4in. x 3 1/2in.). From Thomas Allen: History of Yorkshire, IV, 419-20. For a side view of the Court-House, see Thoresby Society, Publications XLI {Miscellany, 12), Plate III.

Plate II. (a) Christ Church, Liversedge.                Page xi
"Sketch of the church now building at Liversedge . . ." Frontispiece to Hammond Roberson: An Account of the Ceremony . . . Leeds, Griffith Wright, 1813. Same size. Picture postcards of interior and exterior are available.
               (b) Christ Church, Bradford.
Pencil drawing, in the possession of the Ripon Diocesan Board of Finance. 12 1/8 in. x 8 3/8 in. Other illustrations in W. Scruton, Pen and Pencil Sketches of Old Bradford (1889). p. 39; H. Fieldhouse, Old Bradford Illustrated (1889). p. 84.

Plate III. Holy Trinity, Huddersfield.                Page xiii
Pencil drawing on buff paper, in part shaded white, with inscription containing details of founder, architect, cost, etc., in the possession of the Ripon Diocesan Board of Finance. Drawing, 7 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in. Pictures of interior, exterior and plan in A. S. Weatherhead, Holy Trinity, Huddersfield . . . 1913.

Plate IV. (a) St. John, Dewsbury Moor.                Page xv
Wash coloured brown drawing, in the possession of the Ripon Diocesan Board of Finance.10 in. x 7 3/4 in.
                (b) St. Paul, Hanging- Heaton.
Pen drawing, "I. L. Matthew," in the possession of the Ripon Diocesan Board of Finance. Same size.

Plate V. (a) Christ Church, Woodhouse.                Page xvii
Engraving, "T. Taylor, Ach.t, H. Winkles, sc." Frontispiece to H. J. Maddock, Address and Prayers at the Laying of the First Stone of Christ Church, at Woodhouse . . 1823.
               (b) St. Peter, Earlsheaton.
Pencil drawing on card, 9in. x 11 in., in the possession of the Ripon Diocesan Board of Finance. Photographs of exterior and interior in G. R. Hall, A Short History of St. Peter's . . . (1930)

Plate VI. St. Mary's, Quarry Hill, Leeds.                Page xix
Coloured drawing by W. S. Robinson, from the Boyne extra-illustrat«d copy of Thoresby in the Leeds Public Library. 13 1/2 in. x 9 1/2 in. Photographs of exterior and interior in G. A. Dunlop, Church of S. Mary the Virgin, Leeds, Centenary Sourvenir (1926). A drawing by Sir Muirhead Bone, "Leeds, a study for a print," is reproduced in The Microcosm, edited by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe. VIII, 2 (1923), p. 11, where, however, it is wrongly listed in the contents as "Leeds Parish Church;" It shows St. Mary's with modern excavations in the foreground,

Plate VII. Holy Trinity, Ripon.                            Page xxi
Engraving, same size, from The Tourist's Companion . . . (Ripon) 6th edition, Ripon, E. Langdale, 1833.

Illustrations of the remaining churches will be found as follows :
Attercliffe, Christ Church. A. Robinson, The Church in Attercliffe, 1926.
Littleborough, Holy Trinity. Exterior and interior in the parish magazine.
Luddenden, St. Mary. Picture post-card.
Pudsey, St. Lawrence. Simeon Rayner, History and Antiquities of Pudsey, 1887. Black and white drawing of exterior.
Roundhay, St John's. Cover of the parish magazine, and W. H. Scott, St. John's, Roundhay . . . Centenary Souvenir, 1826—1926 (1927). Sheffield, St. Philip's. W. Odom. The Story of St.Philip's . . . 1928
Southowram, St. Anne's. Picture post-card.


For the loan of illustrations used in this monograph, the writer is indebted to the Ripon Diocesan Board of Finance and the Leeds Public Library; and for a supply of illustrations not used here, to the Rochdale and Sheffield Public Libraries and the Vicars of Liversedge and Southowram. For most generous assistance in supplying the blocks, grateful thanks are due to Mr. Ernest Osborn, General Manager of the "Yorkshire Post."

Without the ungrudging help of numerous correspondents, the accuracy of the following account would have been much impaired; such help came from the Revs. E. I. Whitley, H, M. Doidge-Harrison, J. Lennox and J. V. Kings, and from two experts on the architecture of the period, Messrs. A. Dale and M. Whiffen. The admirable service of the Sheffield, Dewsbury and Rochdale Public Libraries, far beyond what I ought to have asked of them, is also acknowledged. And it would be ungracious not to thank Messrs. Broome and Futrell of the "Doncaster Chronicle" for their solicitude with the printing, and the compositors for their skill and care.

The Society is not responsible for the opinions of its contributors, and any errors and faults in the present work are the writer's own.

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