The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-2016


XX. Leeds Parish Church Registers, 1722-1757, Eleventh and Twelfth Books:

ed. by G.D. Lumb.


The present Volume contains the entries in the eleventh and twelfth Books of the Leeds Parish Church Register, extending- from the year 1722 to the year 1757 for the Baptisms and Burials, and to the year 1754 for the Marriages. It also contains the Burials at St. John's for the years 1722 and 1723, with a Marriage in 1723 and a few Baptisms.

The leaves of the eleventh Book measure 17 x 10 1/4 inches, and of the twelfth Book 18 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches, and all are of parchment.

Probably the Rev. John Roebuck wrote the entries in the eleventh Book until about the year 1735, when Thomas Wilson succeeded him. The entries were written by the latter until the year 1750. On the 27th January, 1754, the Rev. Thomas Faber was appointed Clerk.

The entries in the two Books are printed as they appear in the Register Books. The Baptisms and Burials in the eleventh Book were copied by Mr. William Shackleton, and the Marriages by the Editor, who also copied the twelfth Book.

Thomas Wilson, during the time he was Clerk, made many entries (chiefly in the burials) on passing events, which will be read with much interest.

It is believed that the Leeds Parish Church Register is the largest one in print. Six large volumes have been issued containing the entries in twelve Register books, covering the years 1571 to 1757.

The thanks of the Society .are due to the Vicar of Leeds, the Rev. Dr. Bickersteth, for his kind permission to print the Register, and to Miss Scott for kindly undertaking the laborious task of preparing the Index ; also to Mr. Brumwell, the Registrar, for facilitating the transcription of the register books, and the collation of the printed proofs with them.

It is intended that the next Volume of Registers shall consist of two Books of the Chapelries Register, extending from about 1723 to 1764.

G. D. L.

MARRIAGES,    ,, 79
STt. JOHN'S— BURIALS, &c, 1722-1724 116
BURIALS,   1722-1734 120
MARRIAGES,   1735-1754 330
BURIALS,  1735-1757 400


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