Thoresby miscellany 2008Our Miscellany this year covers a wide range of topics.

Our new patron, Professor R. J. Morris, offers 'Whose Time and Whose Place: Searching for the History of Twentieth Century Leeds'. In it he examines the problems faced by historians embarking on a study of the city in the last century.

Michael Collinson offers two fascinating articles. One unravels the history of Headingley Hall whilst his investigation of Robert the Dyer provides a rare insight of people in the Leeds area in medieval times.

Eve Bradford probes the complex problems of enclosure in her important study, The Enclosure of Common Land in Headingley-cum-Burley, 1828-34; Conflicts of Interest.'

Henry Pawson's eye-witness revelations, providing a rare view of what life was like in Victorian Farnley, are edited by David Thornton.

Finally Peter Meredith, our librarian, has offered our members a rare chance to see some of the rich material held in the Thoresby Collection.

ISSN 0082-4232

ISBN 0 978 0 900741 67 8




Whose Time and Whose Place: Searching for the History of 20th Century Leeds R.J.Morris 1
Headingley Hall: Lords and Tenants through Seven Centuries J.M.Collinson 18
Papers Written for his Children by Albert Henry Pawson 1850-1935 D.Thornton (ed.) 41
The Enclosure of Common Land in Headingley-cum-Burley 1828-34: Conflicts of Interest E.J.Bradford 63
Robert the Dyer – the First Leeds Businessman? J.M.Collinson 88
The Thoresby Collection P.Meredith 101







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