Our Miscellany this year covers a wide range of topics.

Thoresby Miscellany 2009Roy Yates's examination of St Saviour's Church, Leeds, and the Oxford Movement brings a new perspective to this field of study and his article will, without doubt, become a vital source of reference for those researching the subject.

Jewish and Irish immigration have long been the focus for local historians but Charline Nicol offers an analysis of the rarely examined subject of Italian immigration into Leeds between the years 1881 and 1901.

Alan Radford tells the story of the Leeds Waits who, from medieval times until the nineteenth century,'kept the watch' and performed music throughout the town.

The leather industry became one of the largest industries in Leeds and our final article sees Tony Silson investigating, in a detailed account, the industry specifically in Bramley.

Several people have suggested that it would be helpful if we could include book reviews of recent publications which would be of interest to our members, consequently we are beginning this year to answer that need and thus four reviews of recent books on the city's history are included.


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St Saviour's Church, Leeds, and the Oxford Movement R.Yates 1
The Italian Immigrants in Leeds, 1881-1901 C.Nichol 37
The Leeds Waits: official town musicians and peripatetic entertainers for over three centuries A.Radford 59
The Leather Industries and the Growth of Bramley A.Silson 77