Miscellany Volume 30

2020 publication cover Our Miscellany this year includes six wide ranging articles.

Irfan Shah writes about Louis Le Prince, the pioneering nineteenth century film maker.

Robert Demaine looks at a visit to Paris in 1906 by a 300 strong Leeds Choir.

Peter Brears presents a study of brewing at Kirktall between 1152 and 1983 and Chris Hindle looks at the history of the Leeds merchant and manufacturing business Hudson, Sykes and Bousefield.

The volume concludes with two articles from an earlier period, one is by Roy Yates which looks at the Tudor Reformation in Leeds and Michael Collinson presents a fascinating look at Elizabethan Potternewton and the Hardwick family.



ISBN : 978-0-900741-81-4
ISSN : 0082-4232

Available from The Thoresby Society,
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Publication, 2020                  

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