We now have a channel on YouTube where you can view videos that we have made about items in our archives and some of our lectures. When you go there remember to click on Videos at the top to be able to view them all. To make things easier we also have our videos listed below.

The first video made is of Steven Burt talking about our oldest copy of Cossins' Plan of Leeds from 1726.

Our plans for more were put on hold by Covid 19 but we then utilised Zoom to record more talks specifically for YouTube.We have also recorded the lectures and events that have been held online. Copyright issues and the speakers preference mean that not all are available to view but below you will see everything that we have online..

Apologies for the sound quality of the zoom videos but you will be able to hear it all.

Images of Old Leeds


Cossins Plan of Leeds 1726 Cossins' Plan of Leeds In 1726 John Cossins produced the most wonderful plan of Leeds with sixteen pictures of the most impressive buildings of the town appended to the edge of the map. Leeds is today thought of as a product of the Industrial Revolution yet in the Georgian period it was a vibrant cloth manufacturing town with over 7,000 people living within its bounds. Most of its inhabitants were deeply religious people and, on this film, Steven Burt, points out the key features of the town, including the location of the main places of worship, the focal point of Christian worship and community activity.


Lantern Slides

St Mary's church  St. Mary's church Lantern Slide Box 5 - 3

Steven Burt tells us about the history of the original St Mary's Church shown here just before it was demolished.
House of the Ingham family House of the Ingham family Lantern Slide Box 5 -23

Steven Burt tells us about the history of this wonderful old house that was owned by the Ingham family.
The Old Vicarage The Old Vicarage - the house of the Fenton family Lantern Slide Box 5 - 4

Steven Burt relates the history of the Old Vicarage in Hunslet which started life as the home of the Fenton family.
The Old National School The Old National School - Lantern Slide Box 5 - 9 and 10

In this video Steven Burt gives the history of the old National School in Hunslet.
Blayds Court Blayds Court Lantern Slide Box 5 - 15

Steven Burt relates the history and surrounding circumstances of Blayds Court in Hunslet.

Hunslet Hall Home Farm house Hunslet Hall Home Farm house Lantern Slide Box 5 - 21

Steven Burt describes the circumstances around the Home Farm belonging to Hunslet Hall.
Red House Red House Lantern Slide Box5 - 29

Steven Burt tells us about the history of Red House in Hunslet.
Carr Hall Carr Hall, Hunslet Moorside Lantern Slide Box 5 - 32

Steven Burt describes the varied fortunes of Carr Hall in Hunslet Moorside.
Hunslet Feast Hunslet Feast Lantern Slide Box 5 - 03

Steven Burt describes the painting of the Hunslet Feast. Lantern Slide Box 5 - 42



Red Hall Eveleigh Bradford talks about Red Hall.
Red Hall, built 1628, housed the captured King Charles I when he was brought through Leeds in 1647 as a prisoner. This ancient house survived into the 20th century and for 50 years was part of Schofield’s department store, until demolition in the 1960s to make way for their new flagship store.



Treasures from the Archives

Leeds 1832 Electiton Representation of Leeds - the 1832 General Election

Eveleigh Bradford talks about a scrapbook of the 1832 General Election when Leeds had its first opportunity to elect 2 Members of Parliament when previously they had none.




ParkRow1829 A Strangers Guide to Leeds in 1830 This lecture was first shown at a joint Zoom meeting with the Leeds Civic Trust on the 15th July 2020.

A visitor from London arrives in Leeds to gather information for a talk he is giving to his local Literary and Philosophical Society. During his stay he will meet some Leeds personalities and discuss the issues of the day. In this ‘Tardis-type tour through time’, using a profusion of contemporary illustrations Kevin Grady recreates Leeds and its buildings and streets in 1830.

the Leeds Library Dr. Kevin Grady 'The Early Years of the Leeds Library'

A lunchtime lecture on Wednesday November 4th, 2020
Archie Scarr Alderman Archie Scarr: Leeds radical ’Mayor of the masses’.

Chris Hindle talks about this interesting and controversial figure 1827-1904. Described as one of the best-known men in the northern part of the West Riding, an advocator of temperance and thrift.

An evening lecture on Monday November 16th, 2020

Nelson Street Rev. Dr. Roy Yates 'The Back-to-Back Housing Development on the Site of the Victoria Gate Shopping Complex'

A lunchtime lecture on Wednesday November 18th, 2020
Cholera in Hunslet Steven Burt: 'Hunslet and the Cholera Epidemics of the C19th.'

A lunchtime lecture on Wednesday November 25th, 2020

There is also a pre-recorded version of this lecture

2020 book launch Book Launch for our 2020 Publication

The launch took the form of short talks introducing the articles that make up this Miscellany volume. These included talks by Irfan Shah on “Louis Le Prince and Leeds”, Robert Demaine on “Charles Villiers Stanford and the Leeds Choir in Paris 1906”, Chris Hindle on “Hudson Sykes and Bousfield: the rise and fall of a Leeds manufacturing house” and Roy Yates on “The Tudor Reformation in Leeds”.

Antony Ramm
Michael Meadowcroft
Members Evening January 18th 2021

1. Leeds and its History in the Central Library Collections, presented by Antony Ramm.

2. Gabriel Davis and the establishment of the Jewish Community in Leeds. A talk by Michael Meadowcroft.

Leeds - A Biographical Dictionary

Book Launch for "Leeds - A Biographical Dictionary"
by David Thornton

David gave a fascinating talk about some of the people in the book. 

Lunchtime on Monday 25th January, 2021


Thomas Nunneley 1809-1870, Surgery, Audit and Politics.

Dr. John Turney talks on what surgery could and could not be done in the C19th and how it reflected on the dangerous lives of the working people.

A evening lecture on Monday 25th February, 2021





Quarry Hill Peter Howarth presents an outline of continuing research into key aspects of Leeds in the 1930s in relation to national politics: peace movements, British fascism and Britain and the Spanish Civil War.