Lecture Syllabus 2019-2020

Session 2019-2020

The following lectures have been arranged for members. All meetings are at the Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street, Leeds LS1 6AL and start at 6.30 unless stated otherwise. Refreshments from 5.45pm before the meeting.

Monday September 16th Leeds and the industrialization of the UK food system before 1800. John Chartres will look at Leeds and how this developed.

Tuesday September 24th  Joint Meeting with Leeds Library.
Professor Jessica Malay will give an illustrated talk on Lady Anne Clifford of Skipton and Appleby Castles. Looking at her autobiographical writings Professor Malay will talk about the life long struggle Lady Anne had to gain her inheritance and how she restored her estates.

Monday October 21st Joseph Priestley, The Leeds Library and the Leeds Census of 1771 and 1775. A talk by past president Jim Morgan.
In the 1770s controversy arose over whether England’s population was rising or falling. In Leeds in 1771, the famous scientist and minister of Mill Hill Chapel, Joseph Priestley organised a parish census. Four years later another census was taken. The lecture looks at the evidence and what it tells us about Leeds in the late 18th century.

Wednesday November 6th
@ 1pm
Ralph Thoresby in his own words. by Professor Peter Meredith
Ralph Thoresby was a voluminous diarist, but as a deeply religious man he is not a northern Samuel Pepys. But he is a man of strong feelings, not only about religion but about his books and his museum, his friends (especially at one time his Cousin Susy), his family, in particular his father, and his town. This talk shows some of his many sides in his own words, with a hint of his own appearance.

This is a free event but booking is essential - click to book

Wednesday November 13th
@ 1pm
Prospects and Panoramas of Leeds. by Dr. Kevin Grady
The lecture presents some amazing engravings and paintings showing how the Leeds townscape and streetscape has changed over the last 350 years

This is a free event but booking is essential - click to book

Monday November 18th Victorian Chatelaine : Emily Meynell Ingram of Hoar Cross and Temple Newsam. James Lomax, author and former curator at Temple Newsam, will give an illustrated talk.
Emily Meynell Ingram was the last resident of Temple Newsam House; a keen artist and a formidable woman, she ran the Temple Newsam estate after the tragic death of her husband early in their marriage.

Wednesday November 20th
@ 1pm
Lost Churches of Leeds 1800-1900. by Revd. Dr. Roy Yates
Roy Yates will show how the Church of England attempted to provide church accommodation for the rapidly expanding population of Leeds in the nineteenth century, and how many of these churches became redundant as the population shifted from the city centre to the suburbs. Illustrated with photographs and prints from the Thoresby Society's collections.

This is a free event but booking is essential - click to book

Wednesday November 27th
@ 1pm
Lady Members of the Leeds Library 1768-1914. by Janet Douglas
In the eighteenth century and for much of the next century, middle-class women rarely ventured into the public sphere without being chaperoned by a man or an older woman. A visit to the Leeds Library was one tiny step on the road to emancipation. Women could be shareholders in their own right. The talk is about the women who used the library, where they lived and what they read.

This is a free event but booking is essential - click to book

Monday January 20th Members' Evening

1.The prints and prospects of Samuel Buck. A talk by Dr Roy Yates

2. The Leeds Bantams in World War 1. Chris Hindle will share some of his research. This will be followed up by an excursion in the Spring.

Refreshments will be provided.

Monday February 17th

John Dixon and his sketch books from the Thoresby Collection. Peter Meredith will talk about these.

Monday March 16th 'Time stood still': Civilian and military prisons at Lofthouse Park Camp near Wakefield 1914-1919. Dr. Claudia Sternberg from Leeds University will give an illustrated talk, the last in our series of talks relating to the First World War.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Eileen Taylor, will be present.
The AGM will be followed by a lecture by the Society President Eveleigh Bradford on Atkinson Grimshaw: 'Our talented townsman.'